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* The Constellations *

These constellation photos are unique in that they utilize a technique we developed that expands - in their true color - the bright stars that make up the constellation's shape. This is done while leaving the background stars and deep space objects unaffected. It is a natural photographic technique accomplished during the exposure of the film.

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Constellation Orion

Constellations Cygnus & Lyra

The Big Dipper Rising

Constellations Big & Little Dippers

The Big Dipper (Ursa Major)

The Little Dipper (Ursa Minor)

Constellation Cassiopeia

Constellation Delphinus

Constellation Aquila

Constellation Canis Major & Sirius

Constellation Auriga

Constellation Andromeda

Constellation Hercules

Bootes & Corona Borealis

Constellation Cepheus

Constellation Perseus

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