Fletcher Photos - Big & Little Dippers
"Big & Little Dippers"

Kodak Pro 400 PPF - 6 x 7 cm Pentax medium format camera, 55mm lens - 2 negatives

photo by Bill and Sally Fletcher

- This photo of the Big & Little Dippers shows, enlarged in their true color, the main "naked eye" stars that make up the shape of the constellations. These two constellations are far into the Northern sky and surround Polaris, our "Pole Star". From them, true North can easily be found

If it is a very dark sky and you can recognize the Little Dipper. Polaris, the North star, is the "tip of the handle" of the Little Dipper. OR - if you can't find the Little Dipper, draw an imaginary line through the outer two stars of the "cup" of the Big Dipper and extend that line up away from the cup. The first bright star you will come to the star is the tip of the handle of the Little Dipper. This star is Polaris . . . North.

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