Fletcher Photos - Constellation Cepheus
The Constellation Cepheus, "The King"

Kodak Pro 400 PPF - 6 x 7 cm medium format camera w/ 90mm lens

photo by Bill and Sally Fletcher

The stars of the night sky have been divided and mapped since ancient times. The results of this mapping are the imaginative shapes and legends of the constellations.

This photo of the constellation Cepheus shows the main "naked eye" stars that make up the shape of "the King" - enlarged in their true color. In Greek mythology Cepheus was Cassiopeia's husband and the father of Andromeda. The 5 brightest stars of this constellation form a "house" shape with the star at the roof pointing toward Polaris, our pole star. At the bottom of the photo the large nebula NGC 1896 can be seen, while a dim glow of the Milky Way is also visible.

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