Fletcher Photos - 2017 Solar Eclipse "Prominences" Photo for sale
"2017 Total Solar Eclipse "Prominences"

Shot with 5" f/7.5 ED triplet refractor telescope w/.7 focal reducer/field flattener

photo by Bill and Sally Fletcher, taken from Weiser, Idaho

- The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse was viewed all across the United States as the shadow of the moon raced across the surface of the earth, from Oregon to So. Carolina. The sun's beautiful corona was revealed when the moon completely obscured the sun's direct light allowing it's atmosphere to be seen.

This photo was taken with a 1/4000th of a second exposure. This kept the reddish prominences from being over exposed and washed out of the image. Many prominences or filaments can be seen in this photo. If you look very closely, you can see the corona being pulled into loops and arches over the prominences. Click on the image to zoom in a bit.

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