Fletcher Photos - 2017 Solar Eclipse Photo for sale
"2017 Total Solar Eclipse Collage"

Shot with 5" f/7.5 ED triplet refractor telescope w/.7 focal reducer

photo by Bill and Sally Fletcher, taken from Weiser, Idaho

- The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse was viewed all across the United States as the shadow of the moon raced across the surface of the earth, from Oregon to So. Carolina. The sun's beautiful corona was revealed when the moon completely obscured the sun's direct light allowing it's atmosphere to be seen.

Great detail including arching steamers at the sun's North and South poles are captured in this photo along with a faint view of "earthshine" on the obscuring moon's surface.

This collage includes images from the entire progression of the eclipse. This progression started with the partial eclipsing as the moon began to cover the sun. Just before the moon had completely covered the sun, the "Diamond Ring" effect occured. Moments after, the full glory of the corona burst into view and even prominences (red filaments) could be seen.

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