Fletcher Photos - Milky Way Panorama
"Milky Way Galaxy Panorama"

Kodak Pro 400 PPF - Pentax medium format camera, 55mm lens - 4 negative panorama

photo by Bill and Sally Fletcher

- This panorama of the Milky Way (our galaxy) was assembled from 4 wide field photographs. It shows what 1/2 of our galaxy looks like from the central core to the outer edge. This is as seen in the Northern Hemisphere, ranging from the constellations Scorpius at the South end, to Cassiopeia at the North end.

Because we are located toward the outer edge of our spiral galaxy, we have a view in toward the center and can get this glimpse of the disk-like structure "up close". This photo clearly shows the great mass of stars at the central bulge, and the thin but still massive disk of stars, gaseous nebulae and dark dust and non-luminous gas lanes reaching out to the outer edge.

It is also interesting to see how, as with most spiral galaxies, the older, cooler stars in the central region emit a more yellow-orange color. The younger, hotter and brighter stars in the outer arms are more blue and white. Many large areas of nebulosity can also be seen as pink or red regions. If you look in the lower left corner, the view out past our galaxy shows the Andromeda Galaxy 2.5 million light years away-

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