Fletcher Photos - Lunar Eclipse October 2004
"Total Lunar Eclipse"
October 2004

Pentax 6x7 camera w/165mm lense @ f/4.5

photo by Bill and Sally Fletcher

- This photograph is of the October 2004 total eclipse of the Moon. It was taken from the Santa Monica Mountains looking East toward the greater Los Angeles basin - including Westwood, Century City and on to downtown.

A thunderstorm had recently passed over So. California and the remnant clouds can be seen hanging over the city.

A lunar eclipse occurs when a full moon moves into the Earth's shadow. Although no sunlight falls directly on a totally eclipsed moon, some sunlight bends around the Earth as it passes through the atmosphere. From this bending - or refraction - blue light is removed and only this dim red-orange color is left to illuminate the Moon. The amount of this light that reaches the lunar surface depends on the amount of volcanic dust, large storms, and clouds present in the Earth's atmosphere at the time of the eclipse -

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