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* The ZODIAC Constellations *

The 12 constellations that make up the zodiac are on the ecliptic- a path that the sun and planets follow throughout the year.

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These constellation photos are unique in that they utilize a technique we developed that expands - in their true color - the bright stars that make up the constellation's shape. This is done while leaving the background stars and deep space objects unaffected. It is a natural photographic process accomplished during the exposure of the film.

- Please click on small "thumbnail" photo to see a larger version with description -

The Constellation Aquarius

The Constellation Pisces

The Constellation Aries

The Constellation Taurus

Constellation Gemini

The Constellation Cancer

The Constellation Leo

The Constellation Virgo

The Constellation Libra

The Constellation Scorpius

The Constellation Sagittarius

The Constellation Capricorn

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