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1 Book: $14.95 - 2 or more: $12.00

The Universe Is My Home

- A Children's Adventure Story -

by Bill and Sally Fletcher

Cloth, hard cover with laminated jacket .
Done in "classic" picture book format
9 in x 11 in (22cm x 28 cm)

Quantity: 1 book: $14.95
2 or more: $12.00

SOME EDITORIAL REVIEWS of "The Universe Is My Home"

"Kids ages 5 to 11 will find this a winner . . . A blend of fictionalized story and nonfiction facts about the universe in an unimposing form . . . Add gorgeous full-page color NASA, telescope, and nature photos and you have a fine presentation."
Diane Donovan, The Children's Bookwatch

"A motivating, intriguing, and beautiful visual experience for children . . . Promotes an understanding of our earth and its relationship to the universe. Teachers, parents, librarians take note, this visually graphic book stimulates imagination and will help create the new scientists we need"
David Waldman, Small Press Magazine

"Beautifully illustrated . . . Astronomy abounds with technical and popular books aimed at adults. But if you are looking for a way to explain the universe to your young children, this book will be of interest to you. Children will find it fun, with great pictures, and adults will be glad to find a nice way to involve their children in science"
Ed Flaspoehler, Astronomical League

"The Universe Is My Home is a nice introduction to space science. The book uses an intersting technique of blending photographic images together to give the idea of space travel. The effect is quite stunning . . . it has ageless appeal"
M.E. Meyer, "In Pittsburgh"

"A fictional treatment of a subject that fascinates most children but has heretofore been inaccessible to many. The authors, both with backgrounds in education, have succeeded in imparting their vision in a way that is easily understood by readers aged 5 to 11"
Pam Linn, Malibu Times

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